Unreal Engine has enjoyed Linux support and is a first class member of their platform family. But the main roadblock comes when needing to use the Epic Games Launcher, that is to access the Marketplace. However, we can achieve this using a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project - Lutris.

  • First we have to install Lutris by following your distribution specific instructions from the Lutris download page
  • Launch Lutris and search and double click the Epic Games Store - Screenshot-from-2020-12-01-21-57-43
  • Now from the pop up menu select the top most install option Screenshot-from-2020-12-01-22-06-00
  • Now be patient and wait for Lutris to install the Epic Games Launcher by default it should install it in your Games folder /home/yourusername/Games/epic-games-store
    Note : Make sure you are using Xorg and not wayland (you can select it while logging in to your linux system)
  • Now inside the epic-games-store/drive_c/users/yourusername/My\ Documents/ folder create a directory named Unreal Projects inside the Unreal Projects folder create another folder by any project name lets call it Dummy
  • Now we will create a Dummy.uproject inside the Dummy folder with copy pasting this minimal uproject code -

"FileVersion": 3,
"EngineAssociation": "",
"Category": "",
"Description": ""

  • Restart the epic games launcher if you have it opened for the epic games launcher to detect this dummy project.
  • Now we will launch the Epic Games launcher using Lutris and open market place as usual and click Show All toggle when adding asset to the project. And select the engine version in this window and then Add to Project Screenshot-from-2020-12-02-00-52-10

Now whatever assets we download will be added to the Dummy project Content folder and we can copy paste and use it in our native Linux projects.

TIP : If you are having multiple engine versions you can create more dummy projects selecting a differet Unreal Engine version.

Legitimacy: Lutris is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project and is available in official repositories of most of the major Linux Distros. It was even granted an Epic Mega Grant in 2019.
For any issues or queries, I am available at gamedev.tv discord - しゅりけん#9101