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I wrote my first game when I was 14 and ever since, programming has been a key part of both work and play in my life. I studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge where I still teach undergraduates. When I'm not teaching, I'm a freelance software engineer and enjoy my work with tech start-ups and social businesses. For me, Udemy is the opportunity to combine my passions for teaching and programming.
Creating Unreal Engine UI with UMG and C++

Creating Unreal Engine UI with UMG and C++

In this post I’m going to assume you’re already familiar with the Blueprint tools for UMG (Unreals UI framework). These are definitely the best way to go about designing you interfaces. Who wants to be doing that in C++? But there are good reasons to be using C++ for the logic driving your UI: version-ability, performance or just preference. How can we seamlessly bind our clean, performant C++ to the beautiful UI design created by the editor? This post outlines the tips and tricks I’ve learnt. Basic setup The first thing I suggest you do: make a C++ parent class, it can be empty to begin with but you’ll need to derive from UUserWidget. Then we can go along and re-parent the Blueprint widget to this C++ class. If this seems familiar, good. It’s very common to setup a Blueprint child with a C++ parent. It allows us to put a designer friendly skin on a C++ core. That’s what we’re doing here after all, just as we might with an Actor or Pawn. Creating a Blueprint Widget from C++ You may not want to load you widgets from C++. This is a task commonly accomplished in the Level Blueprint. […]

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Farewell VR Course!

Those of you keen enough to notice may have seen the disappearance of the VR course from our Udemy portfolio. I’m sorry I didn’t write this post earlier to explain why. As long time students will know, we are constantly working to improve the quality of our teaching. While this is great because new courses keep getting better, it also means we have old courses that are not as good. VR was becoming one of these courses. So a few months back we made the decision to start retiring the course from the marketplace. We no longer feel this course offers students the best teaching and the fast evolving pace of the VR landscape has made much of its content outdated. Obviously we would love to spend the required time to update the course and completely rework its learning journey. However, we currently have other important projects we need to focus on such as the Complete Unity Developer 2.0 and the RPG course. I apologise for those of you who might have been planning to purchase the course in the near future. I hope you will understand our reasons and hold out for the time we revisit the subject.