Today we have taken the Unity Certification course out of the marketplace on Udemy. It’s had a long run and been loved by many, so we are sad to see it go.

The original Unity Certification Program was released in April 2016. It aimed to prove your Unity proficiency to potential employers. At the time, there was no way to prepare for the exam, but I prepared for it best I could. I ended up being one of the first Certified Developers in Europe (I’ve still got the T-Shirt to prove it). The result was the first course to systematically take you through the syllabus.

In 2018, Unity has been expanding and adapting their certification programs to tailor to more specific job roles in the video game industry. However, we cannot continue to create courses for their certifications. Firstly, the number of courses is too much for our small team. Secondly, Unity themselves are creating excellent courseware that didn’t exist before. We now feel that certification candidates have more options available to them.

If you are a student on the course already, don’t worry, we will continue to answer Q&A for at least the next 6 months. If you are not a student and really want to take the course as it is and are willing to support yourself, you can purchase the course through this private link.