Welcome to the second post in our How To Earn Money As A Game Dev Freelancer series. Industry veterans, Rick Davidson, Tim Ruswick and Richard Salyniuk are here to walk you through what you need to write down as a game dev freelancer.

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Listen to their advice on why you should write down what you're expected to do as a game dev freelancer in this 5 minute audio post... Write Down What You Are Expected To Do As A Game Dev Freelancer.

When agreeing game dev freelance work with a client, write stuff down. Including what the client should expect from you, when it'll be done and how much the client is going to pay you.

This doesn't need to be a lengthy 12 page contract (they are scary!), there's plenty of nice and easy templates online for simple contracts.

"Be really clear about what you are doing and how long you expect it to take"

If there's no pre-existing relationship between you and the client, it can help build trust with the client by asking for a deposit. You know the client is serious about paying you and they will feel confident that you'll finish the job as a payment has been made.

In your contract include the maximum number of revisions/redesigns you're willing to do. You may encounter clients who are difficult and try to take advantage of your kind nature! Having this set up from the start ensures you protect the expectations of revisions/redesigns.

Hope that's helped with your game dev freelancer questions. Join us in part three where we'll cover 'Where To Start With Zero Experience As A Game Dev Freelancer'.

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