As much as we love gaming and coding (and the sound of our own voices), we also LOVE hearing from you folks. It never ceases to amaze us, the various backgrounds and journeys that have led you to taking our courses.

Here we share a steller review from Anders Holmquist, former Ubisoft Technical Director for Tom Clancy’s The Division and the Snowdrop Engine.

“I saw that you just responded to my review of the course, so figured I’d shoot of a message here with some more praise. I come from Ubisoft, and used to be the Technical Director for Tom Clancy’s The Division and the Snowdrop Engine, used by many Ubisoft productions.

I left Ubisoft earlier this year and started a new game studio, Sharkmob, in Sweden. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to bring the engine I’d built with me, so Unreal it is 🙂

I was looking around for something to get me introduced to UE4 and this course was highly recommended, and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

I’ve only skimmed through the parts I was familiar with (C++, source control, etc), but I have to say the depth is truly impressive. I’ve interviewed more than 400 programmers over the years, and a bunch of interns on top of that, and I’ve learned that the most game-programming educations are not very good. There are senior programmers who are lacking knowledge of the topics you cover (like at least a superficial understanding of the stack and the heap).

Very nice job!


Anders Holmquist”

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