Sometimes we're in such a hurry to get to the end, and complete a course, that we miss cementing some very important knowledge. In this blog, I'm going to discuss some techniques, which will help you cement your knowledge, ask questions, and get answers!

Assessing Your Knowledge!

In college, before I took a test, I would read the assigned chapters, and I would make a list of all of the main topics covered in those chapters. After that, I would read that list and ask myself which topics I needed to review. Last, I would make a list of the topics, which I needed to review, along with the corresponding section name, page number, etc.

This became my to-do list and re-study guide, and I used it to make sure that I really learned. As I finished each item, on my study to-do list, I would put a check-mark by it. Doing all of this helped build my confidence for test day!

You can use this technique with the videos and topics discussed in the GameDev.TV courses. Try writing down the video titles, video sub-section titles, and time stamps for the topics that you need to review. As you complete your review of each topic, check it off of your list.

Questions?! Questions?!

After you have done your review, you may still have some questions. Maybe you don't know which questions to ask? The best way to solve this problem, and break through this blockade, is to look at the topics you are having trouble with and write all of your questions down.

Next, go to the GameDev.TV website, login to your courses, and ask your questions in the comments section, under the video that corresponds with the topic that you have questions about. You could also ask a question in the GameDev.TV student communities on the website or one of the course communities on Facebook.

Questions! Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

Don't be afraid to ask your questions, our instructors love to teach. There are also plenty of students that like to help! The only bad question is the one you don't ask.

Also, remember, when you ask questions in the communities, you aren't just getting help for yourself, you're helping other students. The answers are posted in the forums, where other students can see them.

Practice Cements the Knowledge!

Practice is the key to cementing the knowledge, from your courses! If you don't want to repeat an assignment, all over again, because you're afraid you'll get bored, modify the assignment. For instance, if an assignment requires you to make a horse in Blender, you can repeat that assignment, using the same techniques to make a cat or dog, etc.

Work With a Group!

How can you cement your knowledge, if you can't complete your projects? Sometimes working and studying alone takes the wind out of your sails and leaves you at a stand still. I've found that working with a project group or study group, and frequently sharing my work in posts with my friends, family, and co-workers, helps keep me motivated. Go and find a good group to work with, and you'll see your projects soar!

Giving Feedback Helps You & Others!

When you help another student, you're giving feedback, and you're using your memory to recall what you have learned. The more you do this, the more you're practicing what you have studied, and that will cement the knowledge! Plus you can feel good about helping someone else.

See You Next Blog!

I have enjoyed talking to you about assessing your learning and retaining knowledge, for a lifetime! It's time for ignition! Blast off, and have an awesome day!

About the Author

My name is Elizabeth R. Laurie, and I've been with GameDev.TV since 2015! I'm one happy student and blogger! I started my journey into art, when I was about 6 years old, and I'm still learning, today! I've studied 3D animation, 2D sketch art, and I'm currently studying video game development! I'm going to make learning family friendly and fun!