Welcome to the fourth post in our How To Earn Money As A Game Dev Freelancer series, you can catch the third part here! Industry veterans, Rick Davidson, Tim Ruswick and Richard Salyniuk are here to walk you through getting starting as a game dev freelancer!

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Knowing the kind of freelance work available can be confusing, luckily Rick, Tim and Richard have you covered.

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As a game dev freelancer you may posses a number of skills, which game dev freelance path should you take? It should be something you enjoy and something you're good at.

"Taking joy from the work itself is important"

If you have a day job that uses one of your game dev skills and you enjoy it, pursuing this as a game dev freelancer can be enjoyable and help you improve on this skill further.

For example, Tim started off as a web developer and because of his love for video games, he went on to make web games using skills he gained in web development, skills that included HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and knowledge of Hex Codes.

Networking with other game dev freelancers is a good way to build relationships with others who need your skillset. In return, you can approach them for help in areas you're not so happy doing. Approaching businesses can be more lucrative, however until you are comfortable doing that, networking will help you get settled and confident.

Hope that's helped with your game dev freelancer questions. Join us in part five where we'll cover 'Nooby Mistakes To Avoid As A Game Dev Freelancer'.

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