Our Blender guru Grant Abbitt joins Industry veterans Rick Davidson & Tim Ruswick* to talk about generating AI Game Art, why you might want to use it and much more. Find out more about the fascinating world of AI art.

(*Rick has more than 14 years experience in the game dev industry, working on IP's that include Mario, Transformers, Captain America and Mortal Kombat. He's done it all, from Game Designer, Producer, Creative Director and Executive Producer to GameDev.tv's very own Instructor extraordinaire).

Listen to the whole chat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZEvwJCoWho

Our 'AHA' moments

  • AI art produces fascinating results
  • Find out why you might want to use AI art
  • What to do to improve AI art
  • Do you own the art that is produced?

Why Use Artificial AI? (40:41 - 42:06)

Some may think ‘why would I want AI to create art and have me lose the excitement and control of bringing something to life’.

Admittedly, AI may not be for everyone but there’s lots of people in game dev who are not artists or interested in creating art images. AI art can help with this. It could also help inspire ideas when you’re drawing a blank/staring at the canvas. The art generated by the AI could produce a spark in your mind, you’d then be able to try different variations and perspectives of the art.

Ownership & Licensing of AI Images (1:00:54 - 1:03:06)

If you use Midjourney (an AI art generating software), you own any images you create using the services but they would have a universal licence to the art. They can use it wherever they want.

This is exciting because it means you can do whatever you want with the images, the counter is the AI provider may use other images that are copyrighted to generate your art which may cause some issues or use the art you created elsewhere.

Improving Colour Blending of AI Images (1:07:37 - 1:10:00)

The art produced by the AI isn’t perfect, quite often there’s discrepancies in colour, detail and sharpness. To move the art to the next level use your own artistic vision and photo editing software such as Photoshop to clean up imaes and improve the colour.

Sometimes the AI art is acceptable as it is, especially if it’s for low resolution backgrounds/asset in-game.

We hope this livecast gives you a good understanding of AI art along with the pros and cons of using such a software.

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