Everyone has a time when they are suffering from creative block! For some, the block is fear. It can be the fear of not being good enough or the fear of failing and not reaching a goal.

Well, I'm here to tell you that fear can't win, if you don't let it! Sometimes fear can leave you without progress and freeze you in your tracks, but take heart, there is a way to overcome it! You can overcome it with action!

If fear freezes you, then action thaws you out! Have you noticed that the more you do what you're afraid of doing, the less fear you have?

I have a fear of heights ... oh mercy! I decided that I would be the one to hang the new gutter system, because it was time for me to overcome my fear! OK, I did say: "That's a long way down!" "If I fall, I'll drop 20 feet and roll 10 more!"

After one day of going up and down the ladder, I started to get past some of my fear, and it took an entire summer of going up and down ladders to make real progress. The more I did what I was afraid of, the less fear I had.

The answer for those of us with fear blockades is to tear the wall down, brick by brick, action by action. Each time we do what we're afraid of doing, we take a brick out of that wall of fear that is blocking us!

If you're afraid of math, do math. If you're afraid of doing programming, study programming all the harder.

There are things you can use as buffers, to make studying less stressful. For instance, you can listen to the music you like, when you do your programming exercises, or you can set study goals and reward yourself with your favorite food, once you reach that goal!

Sometimes, it's life's bullies that make a person afraid, but you can overcome that too! After all, we should only respect the opinions of those who care and are trying to help. Please don't give up on your dreams! These are your dreams, and they are worth the journey that it takes to make them come true!

Have an awesome day! See you next blog!