Always brightens our day to see what you folks create while taking our courses. Today we’re sharing Lukas’s story, about working as part of an aspiring indie GameDev start-up in South America and releasing their first game.

  • What’s your background?

My name is Lukas, I’m a System Engineer and Mathematician and I’m the programmer in the MIKRO team.  MIKRO is a nascent indie GameDev company in Colombia, South America. As well as myself, there’s Javier (our 3D modeller) and we have some other people who take part, depending on the size of each game.

  • How did you end up on a Udemy course?

My experience as programmer is good, so I decided to make games in Unity and C#. I knew the engine from the first versions, but hadn’t used it for a couple of years. To get quickly up to speed,  I decided to take some courses and looking on the internet I found GameDev.TV on Udemy. 

In MIKRO we started with a game called Super – Gravity Switch Battle, which we wanted to be the opening chapter for a possible sequel. This first adventure is a basic platform where our little potbellied hero jumps, changes gravity and takes powers to destroy the bosses and free himself from the dark walls.

Although a basic game, it was a challenge to start. It required a lot of effort – to control the physics, the small cutscenes, fades, save and load, camera, etc.

Knowing the games since their beginnings of 8bits, we wanted to make a mix between the current platforms for mobiles and classic enemies (arkanoid style) but in 3D. It was something experimental, that was visually pleasing in our opinion for the first game, from these ideas came all the design.

The main character is a mini hero called “Super” which we try to model in such a way that he had his own personality, and a funny image that would be remembered among the players.

  • How did you find the experience of the course?

In relation to the course, I did it in 4 weeks. The chapters about UI and Layers were very useful for the game since they were things that we did not know. Also the lighting part, that information saved us a lot of time! And the course highlighted how practical the Asset Store can be, we acquired everything and that shortened the launch time without losing quality. It was a great experience, fully supported by this course.

Ben, Sam and the team know a lot about pedagogy and their courses are all that is needed to advance in the incredible world of video game development. They help all levels of programmers, from the novice to the expert.

  • What next on your gamedev journey?

At this time, MIKRO is developing other games. Together with GameKode, a local company that is starting as a publisher, we started the hard task of making ourselves known to the market. This is a difficult process, but we have great expectations and since we do what we love, it must go well.

Thank you for reading and we thank, Ben, Sam for the knowledge.


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