We’re obviously super proud of our courses (we wouldn’t put them out there otherwise!). So it’s nice to have independent feedback on what makes them so great 🙂 In this article Elizabeth Laurie reviews our “How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry” course.

Have you ever wanted to program or design video games for a living? Well, Rick Davidson has teamed up with his buddy, Ben Tristem, to bring you a course that teaches you how to present your skills and get your dream job, in the video game industry!

The awesome course I’m talking about is “How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry”, and I’m going to tell you about some of the cool things that you will be learning when you take this course.

First of all, Rick has worked in the video game industry for 13 years and also owned (and sold) his own game studio. He has been the employee and the employer, and he uses all of this experience to help you work through the job application process.

He shows you how to identify the game industry skills you have and categorize them. He also helps you look at the skills that you are weak in, and he shows you how to make a plan to strengthen those skills.

In addition, he helps you find the job titles that match your skills best, so that you will know which positions to apply for. He even shows you how to learn in depth information about what those positions will require you to do.

To top it all off, he shows you how to: market yourself on social media, make resumes, and prove your skills with a one of a kind portfolio. Having a focused portfolio will help you sell your skills to prospective employers.

I have taken literally dozens of classes and courses over my lifetime and few have been as organized and detailed as this one! I’m so very happy with the information in this course, and it has been a pleasure taking the course and giving it this review!

There’s so much packed into this course that I can’t cover it all! In fact, Rick is planning to add additional information, which will show you how to get online, freelance game industry work! You’ll have to take the course yourself, if you want to see and experience all that it has to offer!

See you next blog! Have an awesome day, everyone!

About the Author:

I’m Elizabeth R. Laurie and I’m taking the Complete Blender Creator Course, Complete Unity Developer Course, Unreal Engine Developer Course, Pass the Unity Certified Developer Exam Course, Make Mobile VR Games in Unity with C# Course, Automate Blender with Python Course, GIMP Foundations – 2D Pixel Art Drawing from Scratch Course, The Unity RPG Creator in C# – Core Combat Mechanics Course, and Game Physics Course. I love to learn!

I picked up my first coding book when I was 8 years old, but I was frustrated about the fact that the author didn’t explain how the code worked, and I was even more frustrated when the graphics on the screen were so bad. I mean, I went through 4 or 5 hours of typing code from the book, into the computer, and nothing spectacular happened!

Flash forward to the present! Technology has really grown, and now, I’m taking these awesome courses and learning a lot of cool things about programming and 3D animation! This time, the lessons are much clearer and the graphics are totally cool!

I have always been fascinated with animation and video games, and I plan to use these platforms to make clean, family oriented, entertainment. I also plan to revolutionise education, and make it fun for everyone!