Welcome to the fifth post in our How To Earn Money As A Game Dev Freelancer series, you can catch the fourth part here! Industry veterans, Rick Davidson, Tim Ruswick and Richard Salyniuk are here to walk you through some noob mistakes to avoid as a game dev freelancer!

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Being a noob game dev freelancer, it's inevitable you'll make some mistakes along the way. Rick, Tim and Richard are here with some helpful advice.

In this 9 minute audio post, they provide tips on what noob mistakes to avoid as a game dev freelancer. Check it out 👇👇

  1. Have a portfolio of your work, but don't include everything! Chances are your earlier work isn't as good as your recent work. Find your best 3 pieces of work to put at the top of your portfolio.
  2. Make sure the work on your portfolio is relevant to the position you're trying to get work for. A programming job wouldn't be interested in seeing your nicely designed logos.
  3. If you don't have a portfolio with real clients, make some up. Create some fake companies and design portfolio pieces that would interest the client. Some made up company logos, mobile app UI's, character models and websites will show the client you're serious about the role.
  4. Make your portfolio website clean and easy to navigate. It doesn't need to be flashy (unless it's for a web design company). Remember the 5 second rule, if a user has to spend more than 5 seconds trying to find what they're looking for, they may lose interest and move on to something else.

and remember...

"Tailor every single application to the people you're speaking to"

Hope that's helped with your game dev freelancer questions. Join us in our final part where we'll cover 'How To Price Yourself As A Game Dev Freelancer'.

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Until next time, happy game dev'ing.