Here's Rick with an update on our courses and team:

Unreal C++ - Sam is busy prototyping a third person shooter section, there should be new videos in the course in the next few weeks.

Blender - Michael has moved on from It's been great having him as part of the family and we wish him all the best moving forward. He's been creating a Blender to Godot course (independent of you can check it out here:

Complete Blender Creator - Rick has been sculpting a human head (bunny to follow soon) in the Fluffy Bunny section. Lots more exciting things in the future for Blender, and the characters course, announcement to follow.

Unity - we've been working on the Inventory course in the RPG series. After Sam finishes his third person shooter in Unreal, he'll be back working on the next course in this series (possibly dialogue and questing).

Bear with us while we figure out this whole new 'normal' during this period. We'll try our best to keep you updated with where we're at.

Do keep talking to us 🙂

Stay safe.