Farewell VR Course!

Those of you keen enough to notice may have seen the disappearance of the VR course from our Udemy portfolio. I’m sorry I didn’t write this post earlier to explain why. As long time students will know, we are constantly working to improve the quality of our teaching. While this is great because new courses keep getting better, it also means we have old courses that are not as good. VR was becoming one of these courses. So a few months back we made the decision to start retiring the course from the marketplace. We no longer feel this course offers students the best teaching and the fast evolving pace of the VR landscape has made much of its content outdated. Obviously we would love to spend the required time to update the course and completely rework its learning journey. However, we currently have other important projects we need to focus on such as the Complete Unity Developer 2.0 and the RPG course. I apologise for those of you who might have been planning to purchase the course in the near future. I hope you will understand our reasons and hold out for the time we revisit the subject.

Top 10 New Features In Unity 2017

Top 10 New Features In Unity 2017

Hi, I’m Ben, author of Sam’s Teach Yourself Unity in 24h, and creator of some of the most successful online Unity courses on the internet. Unity 2017 was released in the summer of 2017, and (spoiler alert), it’s mainly a naming change. The interface remains the same, and there are no huge changes outside of Unity’s online offerings. Having said that there are some very exciting new features… 10. Ambisonic Audio Positioning sound in the horizontal plane is great, but in the real world sounds come from above and below too. That’s where ambisonic audio or “full sphere surround sound” comes in. 9. NVIDIA VRWorks In the spirit of immersion, Unity 2017 now support’s NVIDIA VRWorks. This improves the performance and quality of your VR games. 8. Asset Workflow Power-Ups Later we talk about improvements to collaboration tools. However, even if you’re working alone there are some great new tools to improve the way you bundle your assets, import your models and track dependencies. 7. Graphics Improvements With every version of Unity, the graphics are coming on leaps and bounds. Amongst other things, Unity 2017 has improvements in lightmapping and realtime shadows. The particle system has also had some attention, […]

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